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Come sailing with me
H50 - kono TVgirlfriend by bananners
berlinghoff79 did this meme a few days ago and I loved it so much I had to jump on board.

1. Think of up to 20 ships you support. 
2. List them using descriptions of the characters involved rather than their names.
3. Have your f-list guess as many of the ships as they can.
4. Fandom hints will be given if asked in the comments.

ETA: Added fandom hints for remaining 13 7 ships to be guessed.

  1. the professor/the convict - the boy wizard. Remus/Sirius storm_ford
  2. the former lab rat/the texan cowboy - follow the evidence. Nick/Greg CSI: Las Vegas 
  3. the one always  in the tavern/the one who never wear a shirt. Merlin/Arthur falling_voices
  4. the jewish werewolf/the nurse - a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost live in a house. George/Nina Being Human UK
  5. the coffee boy/the one who keeps coming back - they hunt aliens and have a lot of sex... like, a lot! Ianto/Jack storm_ford
  6. the one with the glasses/the one with the eyebrows - comic books made real. Noah Bennet/Sylar Heroes (okay this one was short lived but come on ZQuinto!)
  7. the unicorn/the straight up bitch. Brittany/Santana heygirlie
  8. the loud mouth/the one with daddy issues - cops in paradise. Danny/Steve berlinghoff79
  9. the surfer/the analyst - cops in paradise. Kono/Jenna Hawaii Five-O
  10. the self professed bad boy/the self respecting bad ass - fame for the 21st century. Puck/Lauren Glee
  11. the boy next door/the runner up - musician RPF. Kris Allen/Adam Lambert cathalin
  12. the captain/the commander. Kirk/Spock heygirlie
  13. the cheerleader/the perfectionist - fame for the 21st century. Quinn/Rachel aestheticized
  14. the rough-around-the-edges detective/the elegant medical examiner. Rizzoli/Isles heygirlie
  15. the boss/the special agent - cops & sailors. Gibbs/Tony NCIS
  16. the other professor/the one with anger issues - you are not alone, my friend. Charles/Eric storm_ford
  17. the brylcreem boy/the fashionista. Blaine/Kurt heygirlie
  18. the spider lover/the one with cats. Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg falling_voices
  19. the vegetarian/the former csi - follow the evidence. Sara/Sofia CSI: Las Vegas
  20. the artist/the leader. Lorne/Teyla storm_ford
Some I made deliberately easy... I think. And I totally could have done more. So lets have you, flist. :D

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3. Merlin/Arthur?
6. ... America/England? idk, it fits.
14. that one is pretty obvious, so — Holmes/Watson, possibly just the '09 incarnation ('rough-around-the-edges'?).
18. I have spent far too much time in the TSN fandom and thus am stuck on Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg. I'm probably completely off the mark.

:D this is a nice meme.

You got 3 & 18 right. And though I can see where you were goign with 14 the gender is wrong. ;)

As for 6... ?

Guessing at all of these, no googling used:

7. Brittany/Santana
12. Kirk/Spock
14. Rizzoli/Isles
17. Blaine/Kurt
19. Sara/Grissom

I'd also guess that 4 is from Being Human and 9 is from Hawaii Five O but I don't watch those shows so idk their names. ^_^

Oh wow, you are very good at this. All right except for 19 which is halfway there.

Should also say your fandom guesses are right for the other two... :D

Yay for fandom osmosis!

I can't look at 1 without thinking MoriartyMoran. I don't care if its wrong. It makes perfect sense.

On that note, why does 9 remind me of Sheppard/Zelenka? IDEK

LOL. I'm afraid not.

And there is an SGA pairing in there... just not number 9. ;)

I'm absolutely sure guessing until I find it is a terrible idea. However:

20 could be Lorne/Sheppard (or Lorne/Elizabeth or Lorne/Woolsey)

10 could be Sheppard/Ronon?

Feel free to keep guessing. I love all the suggestions.

ohhhh 20 is 50% right on first guess but leader guesses are not quite there.

10 is about as far from SGA fandom as you can get.

Lorne is the only character I would ever refer to as the 'artist' in SGA. I love that scene. "You paint?!"

Anyway. Other leaders include: Sam or Rodney?

Love that scene too! Says so much about his character.

A hint? Not a leader of Atlantis but a leader of their people...



Pffff. Good one, me. ~.~

YAY!!!!! I literally \o/ for you.

hahaha thanks.

I feel a little sad I didn't realize it without an obvious hint though. :)

In fairness I feel like a lot of people forgot Teyla was a leader in her own right... even the writers. :(

Yeah.... :\

On the other hand: with hints, that got clearer a lot faster-

Some of the ships (like Being Human) I recognize but don't know.

5. Ianto/Jack

1. Gaius/Alice? Possibly?

6. If I am guessing right from friends rambling to me about First Class, I'd say youngProfX/Magneto. Seeing as I haven't actually seen the film yet (I know, I know) I may be quite far off track.

5. Yes!

1. wrong boy wizard.

6. hmmm, not this number...

1. Oh. Well. I just missed the obvious. How did I do that. Lupin/Black.

Oh, fine then. I thought a reference to him as 'the professor' was more likely. 16, then. it seemed to me likely to be an XMen quote but I couldn't seem to find any memories of Xavier saying it to Magneto. I've been lax in all but Sherlock lately, it seems.

1. That's the one. My first ship and one of my most beloved.

16. is right too. It's more of an amalgamation of things Charles says.... you should see the new movie. *nods*

1. Remus/Sirius
4. I forgot their names but the dudes from Being Human. George and Mitchell.
5. Ianto/Jack
13. Quinn/Rachel?
16. Charles/Erik

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Just pipped to the post on 1 & 16 by storm_ford

4 is half right.

13 is spot on!!!

11. adam lambert and kris allen!

and I agree with the prior poster's 1 and 16!

I'm guessing 8 or 9 are H50, but donn't actually watch the show so all my knowledge is from a bit of fic I sometimes read... hmmm probably 9 is Steve/Danny?

p.s. this is fun!

Edited at 2011-11-26 19:29 (UTC)

Yes, kradam! love those boys.

not 9...

p.s. soooo much fun. You should do it.

Yeah!!! Let me go swoon over them now.

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