H50 - kono TVgirlfriend by bananners


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H50 - kono TVgirlfriend by bananners
After finishing Nanowrimo this year I want to get back into writing properly. I have a few plot bunnies hopping around that look likely to run to the 15k plus mark but I wanted to test out my fandom skills with some... shorter pieces.

So please prompt me. Give me a few words or a sentence for a fandom prompt or pairing that I have even a passing knowledge with (or even something original) and I'll throw something back at you. 

My fandoms include but are not limited to: Hawaii Five-O, Stargate Atlantis, Merlin, X-Men: First Class, Glee, Adam Lambert/Kris Allen, Inception, CSI: Las Vegas, Die Hard, Star Trek, NCIS, Rizzoli & Isles.

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Yay! Great idea!
Steve and Danny of Hawai'i Five0.
After a year of UST with Danny,Steve has a one night stand with the 'siren' Lori Weston whilst they are undercover for a few days as husbamd and wife. She confides in Kono after Steve doesnt seem to want to pursue anything. Chin and Kono are appalled. Danny is jealous...

Plenty More Fish... IDEK

(I started this with all the best intentions to follows your prompt but I kept getting distracted by the word 'siren' and then... well, yeah. This happened.)

If Lori was honest she didn’t see the challenge in simply singing men to the depths. She wanted them to come willingly before ensnaring them to the underwater life. And so many had come willingly she started to get a reputation. She became more selective in the men she chose, only wanting the very best.

She noticed him early one day as the sun rose over Hawai’i. His body moved so smoothly through the waves that she would have mistaken him for a merman had it not been for the long legs that kicked beneath the tantalising roll of his hips.

She watched him those first mornings; the long stoke of his arms; the strength in his shoulders and thought what a lovely addition she would make to her collection. She decide on a morning not long before Chin and Malia’s joining to lure him in, thinking how wonderful it would be to arrive with this wonderful new specimen to the affair.

When she felt the water around her thrum in anticipation of his arrival she smiled and fanned her hair in the water, ensuring she looked as alluring as possible to her human prey. He swam closer to her as she broadened her smile, her teeth sparkling likes pearls in the waves.

And then he... kept swimming. Not even missing a stroke. Lori looked after him, confused. Perhaps he had not seen her she thought, but when he swam by again the next day and the next without even a second look she became somewhat put out.

On the morning of the joining she enlisted Kono’s help, thinking that surely no man could resist two sirens. Kono’s skills were more traditional but no less effective than her own and between the two of them they could claim half the wrecks in the last five years.

They lay in wait at the same spot as the man swam near. Lori fanned her hair and swished her tails tantalisingly. Kono watched the man approach with a more serious look. Her eyes narrowed as he once again swam by.

“Come on,” Kono called and began swimming with the man, her sleek body only inches from his as he sliced through the waves. Lori swam on the other side, her tail splashing out of the water.

She could feel Kono’s annoyance rising as the man swam on indifferent to their display. Finally she broke away with an annoyed growl that made Lori smile in sympathy.

“He must have already be charmed,” Kono said as she watched him swim away oblivious to them. It was the only reason a human could escape the deathly call of another siren but it seemed impossible as he still walked on land.

“Come,” Kono said finally. “The ceremony starts soon and I shall be your date,” she smiled, knowing what a stir they would cause to show up together.


Danny stood on the porch, coffee in hand, as he scanned the waves for Steve’s body. He’d had an uneasy feeling the last few mornings which he couldn't quite shake.

He placed the coffee down and made for the beach when he noticed Steve moving back towards shore. Danny reached the surf just as he pulled himself out of the water.

“I thought you’d grown gills you were out so long,” he said stopping short of the water and putting up a protest when Steve wrapped his arm around him and pulled him into a wet hug.

“Not when I got you to come home to,” Steve smiled as he captured Danny’s lips and pressed a kiss to them.

Danny hummed happily before pushing Steve away. “You got me all wet, you big goof,” he said with a half annoyed look at his damp shirt.

“Well, you gonna let me get you out of those wet clothes,” Steve asked as he grabbed Danny’s hand and started pulling him toward the house. Danny barked out a laugh and let himself be pulled but he couldn’t help the look he threw over his shoulder to the wide expanse of the pacific sea. Couldn’t help the age old ache he felt in the bottom of his stomach when he remembered all he had given up to walk on land.

He felt Steve’s fingers tighten in his and turned his gaze back to be met with Steve smiling warmly at him. Steve raised their joined hands and placed a soft kiss on his fingers and Danny he knew it was all worth it. For Steve.

Glad to do so. *g*

SGA, John and Rodney.

"Everybody has a breaking point."

"I know but ... (continue as you wish)"


"That will kill the entire population."

"I know.*

"Are you going to do it?"

Thanks for giving us this opportunity. :-)

He hadn’t believed John. Thought it was just some stupid military bravado. Made sure John picked a safe word and kept asking him what it was so John would get used to saying it out loud. Would not hesitate to use it if Rodney went too far too fast.

But he couldn’t help admire the way John was laid out on the bed. Face down, ass held in the air with his knees under him. The skin around his hole a tantalising warm red from the padding Rodney had given him earlier before fucking him hard and fast with an order not to come.

He’d taken the edge of his own need. Rodney pressed in a third finger, stretching John’s hole open again, and then a fourth. John’s breath was coming fast and hard as Rodney spread him further.

“Rod-ney,” he groaned as he dropped his head down, sweat glistening on his skin. His body shivering.

“More?” Rodney asked as he twisted his fingers causing John to buck under him in pleasure.

“Oh god, please, please, Rodney,” John keened. “Just... everything.”


"Everybody has a breaking point."

"I know but ... I don’t."

Re: Breaking Point


*Wow* I'm really surprised here.

You know, I didn't even *think* of something "explicit" when I cooked up that prompt. *G* You really surprised me here.

I really like how carefully Rodney makes sure that John knows his safeword and gets him used to saying it out loud, that says so much about them.

And your use of the prompt in the punch line - genius!

Thank you. :-)

Aww shucks. Thanks.

And it's not like my mind *always* goes explicit with these two, honestly, but there is something about John subbing to a truly competent & caring Top!Rodney that pushes my buttons; and your prompt well... I couldn't help myself.

Also you just KNOW John wouldn't use his safe word. I get the feeling Rodney had some scenes early on in their relationship where John *had* to say it too just to be sure he would.

BTW You're second prompt? I totally would have made it about "The Game".

Ahahaha! That makes so much sense! *g*

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